Claire Thibault Realtor®

Professional, polite, patient, funny, and endearing are the words that come to mind when I think of Claire Thibault. She has a calming and comfortable demeanor with a strong dose of 'pitbull' when it comes to protecting and advocating for her clients. If you want to work with a strong Realtor® as well as a genuinely great person, look no further than, Claire.

Always smiling and having fun while maintaining a high level of professionalism, Claire is the type of Realtor® you work with time and time again. You will truly appreciate having, Claire on your real estate team.

What separates Claire from other Agents is that she first seeks to understand her clients as people and then seeks to understand what their real estate goals are. By taking the time to understand who her clients are and what their goals are, Claire is able to take that information and turn it into a successful real estate transaction.

Claire will make sure you never feel like you're lost or don't have an understanding of what is happening in the complicated real estate process because she educates her clients and that helps them to make the best decision possible.

One of the best things about Claire is her constant upbeat, positive attitude. That's the type of Agent I want to work with and I imagine it's the type of Agent most folks want to work with.

Another great aspect that differentiates Claire from other Agents is that she is not afraid to ask you the difficult questions or to deliver the bad news if she thinks you're making a mistake because she would rather you be happy in the long run with your real estate investment!

Being around Claire will make you a better person and a far more educated buyer, seller, or investor.

If you're looking for an agent who actually cares about you, look no further, Claire Thibault is the Agent for you.

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