Janelle Santelli Realtor®

When we hired Janelle Santelli we knew we were hiring someone with a strong work ethic, a caring personality and a high-level of professionalism. That is the type of Agent I would want to work with as a potential buyer or seller so we hired her knowing that.

Here’s what we didn’t know ...

We didn’t know that Janelle seems to have more time in the day than everyone else with the amount of work she is able to accomplish for her clients. We didn’t know that Janelle was available nearly 24/7 for her clients. We didn’t know that Janelle was going to find solutions for buyers who were told ‘you cannot afford to buy a home.’ We didn’t know Janelle was going to average a sale price of greater than 10% of her average list price.

These are things you simply don’t know when you’re hiring someone until after you have hired them.

So if you’re reading this and wondering “should I hire Janelle Santelli to represent me as my Realtor?” -- The answer is undoubtedly, yes.

When you meet Janelle you will know she is “good.” When you begin working with her you will know she is better than good. When all is said and done, you will have a Realtor for life.

Janelle is a true asset to our team and she raises the standard in every way for what it means to be both a Realtor and a great human being.

I’m a better person for having been around Janelle and you will be too!

With all of that being said I will leave you with this: Your goals are more important to Janelle than her own individual goals AND THAT is what is going to separate her from other Realtors AND THAT is why you will have an amazing Realtor® for life.

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