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You are my “why”. That sounds overly simple as a motivation but it is true. I feel strongly that it is in your best interest as a client who trusts me to find a home that you both love and one that makes sense as an investment for what you as an individual are trying to achieve. Your goals are likely different from someone else and I am focused on you as an individual with your individual needs. Having been a resident of North Carolina for over 9 years, I have seen the Raleigh-Durham region grow steadily. I have personally experienced many places, met many people, and participated in numerous activities; all great reasons why people from everywhere are migrating to this special place.

I had the opportunity to meet many people in the field of property management and ultimately decided to venture into selling residential properties because of my core belief that homeownership has and will be one of the best financial decisions we can make on a macro level.

I naturally gravitated to the idea of helping people make the right choices when deciding on the important investment they call their home. Buying a home requires knowledge of a marketplace and an economy that is in a constant state of flux. I pride myself first and foremost on protecting my clients from these changes and making sure they are always positioning themselves for selecting a home that they both love and a home that will sell for them at a good appreciated value if and when they decide to move.

Fun fact: Most of you will move an average of only 7-10 miles from your current home! This is important to me because it means once we find you a home I immediately keep my research up to date with the homes within that radius and watch how they appreciate so I can keep my clients well informed consistently during their entire time in their current home.

Whether you wish to relocate to a different area of this great region, or if you are relocating from another state or even country, I am ready to assist you by representing you or helping you interview an agent where you intend to move. I believe that you should be protected and advised by someone you can trust. Information is available in abundance online, however, the quality of that information can be varied and incorrect.

Real Estate is an industry I am interested in as a financial industry and I do not think of what I do as a job. My interests are as follows: Real Estate, cross-fit, golf, and learning as much as I can about my clients’ needs. I am confident we can work together to discover the ideal real estate opportunity you are seeking. I believe you will find that working with me is not a pressurized experience. I fundamentally believe that my job is to make the process of buying and selling your home less stressful and well-informed. If this sounds like something you are looking for in a trusted real estate advisor then I welcome your call to discuss your buying or selling options. Even if all you have is a question, I am happy to simply do that as well. I hope to speak with you soon.

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