Michael Solberg Realtor®

Michael relocated to Raleigh in 2014. Prior to moving to NC, he ran a successful photography business for more than 20 years. Upon arrival in Raleigh, he partnered with a real estate firm and was contracted to photograph agent headshots, as well as properties in preparation for listing.

Despite having been a photographer for nearly his entire life, there was always something that drew him to real estate, but there was never the “right time” to make the shift. Now that he was immersed in the industry, it became very evident that now was the time. He was told time and time again, “You would make such a great real estate agent. You’re so easy to talk to. Your calming, yet outgoing demeanor and authenticity are perfect in this industry.” Fast forward a couple years and here we are, Michael is a licensed agent with the Raleigh Realty team. I couldn’t agree more, he is a perfect fit on our team!

When I asked Michael why he wanted to become a real estate agent, his response was that there’s nothing more enjoyable than seeing the excitement on the faces of his clients. His energy and devotion to partnering with his client to find and secure that perfect home are truly remarkable.

Searching for or selling a home can be a stressful time. Michael is easy-going, relaxed, polite and undoubtedly someone you want partnering with his clients to find that perfect home.

I am a better person for having met, Michael and you will be too. That's just the type of guy he is.

If you’re considering an agent to help with your real estate needs Michael is your guy, and bonus, you’ll likely have a friend for life!

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