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The Spring is the Best time to Sell a House, Right? Not so fast...

Should you Wait for Spring to Sell Your House?

If you're wondering when is the best time to sell for YOU, you should contact a top local Real Estate Agent to assist. There are many factors that go into selling a house, and whether you're selling in the Spring or Winter, there is a lot to consider.

Homeowners who plan to sell their home typically wait until the Spring to list their home for sale. This is for many different reasons, and one of them is a big time misconception - that the Spring is the best time to sell a house. While it is still a great time to be a seller, if you use the right strategies to market and sell your estate you can sell in any season. 

You want to sell your house when the pool of serious buyers is

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Zillow Home Values

How can you find your DREAM Home if you can't see it?

Zillow Home Value Estimator and Missing Real Estate Listings - Google is Better

If you're searching for home value information the first person you should ask is a top local Real Estate Agent, and the last place you should check is Zillow.

As of today, Zillow is the most widely used real estate website in the United States. It's an awesome experience for users because the website behaves beautifully. It's fast, it's clean, and it gives great functionality that other websites don't. It also appears that they have future plans to operate with boots on the ground.

How can you find a home you can't see on Zillow and Trulia?

However, News Corp has other plans for the Real Estate Marketing Giant...

Let's start with a little of the background drama before we hop into the details. News Corp owns

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The Top Neighborhoods in Cary, NC - What are They?


Are you wondering what the top neighborhoods in Cary, North Carolina are? Whether you're searching for a family, as a young professional, a retiree, there are many great subdivisions in Cary for everyone and anyone!

Here is a jump-to list of the best neighborhoods in Cary, NC (or scroll down):

  • Amberly
  • Carpenter
  • Cary Park
  • Lochmere
  • MacGregor Downs
  • Preston
  • Regency

Want to search Homes for Sale in Cary, NC? Click here!

So what is it about Cary, North Carolina that has so many people moving to the area? Aside from the long list of accolades and awards Cary has won over the last few years, the people, the affordability of homes, weather, and communities are all a part

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What your home worth now? Find out:

Wake County Real Estate Tax Changes and Home Values

Wake County Real Estate Update: Officials have mailed letters to all property owners regarding the changes in the tax value of their properties.

What's your home worth now? Find out by requesting a home evaluation or filling out the form:

Every eight years the county reassesses the value of each estate in Wake County. This allows the county officials to align the market value of each property with the tax value, however these realignments are not always accurate. You can request the county realign them as well, however all appeals must be made within 30 days.

If you're searching for information to find out if your home value has increased or decreased you can request a home evaluation to learn what

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5 Ways to Find Homes for Sale Raleigh in Low Inventory Market

Can't find the home you're looking for? Does it seem like there just isn't enough options out there for you?

Welcome to the life of many frustrated buyers who feel the same way you do.

There are things you can do that will help you find the home of your dreams, even when it isn't already listed for sale.

Here in Raleigh, we are experiencing a significantly low-inventory housing market, with a large buyer pool. This is causing frustration among buyers for two common reasons:

  1. They can't find a home for sale.
  2. When they do find the right home, it's a multiple offer situation or gone in a day.

If this sounds like you, there are things you can do to help yourself with the help of a Realtor®, to find that perfect house.


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If you've taken a ride through the streets of downtown Raleigh recently, there's a good chance you saw the signs for the historic Oakwood Candlelight tour coming up!

Oakwood is a neighborhood in downtown Raleigh, NC that's history is rich, with homes dating back to the 1800s. There is a continuing effort in Raleigh, to preserve the victorians built a more than a century ago. The architectural style of these homes in Oakwood is part of what makes the candlelight tour so much fun. To see how these homes were built almost two hundred years ago, takes you right back to the history of life in Raleigh.

If you want to purchase tickets for the event, you can do so by following this link.

Thanks to for providing a map, which you can

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Homes for Sale Raleigh NC November 2015 Stats

Raleigh NC Real Estate November 2015 Market Trends

Raleigh Real Estate Market - November, 2015

Wow. November just beat out August and June for the highest average sales price on homes that sold in Raleigh, NC!

This data is shocking, especially compared to the data from previous months. November 2014 compared to November 2015 is showing a significant percentage of appreciation in both selling price and sold price. Up 10+% in both categories from November 2014 the Raleigh Real Estate market is heating up in the colder months. When compare to previous months the appreciation percentage has more than doubled!

The housing trends in Raleigh, NC could be partially do to the winter months up North driving even more people south before the

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