December 2021

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What is Storm Spotting?

An estimated total of 16 million thunderstorms occur each year. While most storms are harmless, there are certain severe storm types that are known to inflict damage to buildings and can endanger the lives of individuals. With the help of storm spotting, the details of potential weather hazards can be reported to the public ahead of time in order to limit the number of damages, injuries, and fatalities in the event of severe weather.

Storm Spotting: A Guide for Homeowners

Defined as the observation of severe weather and the monitoring of storm development and progression, the act of storm spotting plays an important role in public safety. By identifying the physical structure of severe storms and learning how to identify different types of storms, storm

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How Important Are Birds to Our Ecosystems? 

Birds are important members of our environment and are essential to the health of the planet. Not only are birds beautiful to admire, but a world without birds would be detrimental to life as we know it. As an inspiration to artists, photographers, and even the modern-day airplane, birds are our link to the natural environment and keep systems in balance. 

Homeowner's Guide to Birdwatching from your Backyard

By impacting human health, the economy, and food production, birds are important because they control pests, pollinate plants, spread seeds, and clean up waste. By maintaining the balance between predator and prey, birds have the power to transform entire landscapes and even keep coral reefs alive through the fertilization of marine ecosystems. As

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