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Tony Mariotti is the founder of RubyHome. In addition to helping folks get great home loans, he is a sought after blogger. His favorite topics are online marketing, real estate and mortgages. You can follow him on Twitter.

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How to Know When NOT to Buy a Fixer-Upper 

When NOT to Buy a Fixer-Upper Home

Do you see past the flaws of a “fixer upper” and imagine what is possible? Do you get that giddy feeling knowing you can turn a home's imperfections into something beautiful?

Home improvement certainly means something different to each of us. Some people like the idea of tearing down a house to its foundation and starting over. Some folks just want to spend a few weekends pounding nails and painting.

Nine out of 10 home buyers today use the internet as their primary source of research for properties, lenders, real estate agents, you name it. It’s never been this fast and easy to buy a home.

Not only is housing hunting faster, you can make it less risky, too. Whether you want to fix the general

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