Green Homes; The Future of New Construction!

Posted by Ryan Fitzgerald on Friday, August 5th, 2016 at 7:54am.

Green Homes; The Future of New Construction Houses!

With each passing year, builder’s are getting better and better with the quality of homes they produce. One of these new, and efficient building techniques revolve around the importance of energy, water, and building materials conservation.

The amount of wasted energy, water, and materials from homes built in the past are costing American homeowners a lot of extra dough each month.

Besides the lack of efficiency in homes built in the past, the air quality and filtration systems have had a serious need for improvement.

Today, builders are focused on constructing new homes that meet a new standard of clean, healthy, and efficient, they are called Green Homes.

What are Green Homes?

Green homes are homes that are built to maximize the efficiency of energy and water as well as provide a cleaner and healthier air quality inside the house.

With a focus on going green, builders are saving homeowners thousands of dollars each year by lowering utility bills. They are also providing a much cleaner, safer, and healthier living environment as new technologies, products, and materials are introduced.

If you’re searching to buy a new home it makes sense to make sure the builder is focused on a green home, the cost savings will be dramatic for those who plan to live in the house for a number of years. If you can save $100/month on your utility bills this will add up to a quick $6,000 over 5 years and $12,000 over 10 years. That’s a few great family vacations in savings.

How are New Green Homes Improving Lives?

With a commitment to maximizing the efficiency of energy, water and insulation inside the home, Green Homes are saving owners thousands of dollars each year.

New home appliances are coming with assigned energy star ratings that shows you the average monthly cost, and how much you will save. Buyers can feel good about these recent changes, because not only are you saving thousands of dollars each month, you’re improving the planet we all call home. Other than the big time savings, and improving the Earth, there is also the added benefit of breathing in a higher quality of air.

One of the biggest chances in recent years has been the air quality and filtration systems. There are new ways to protect against allergens and other pollutants inside the home. With less of these harmful items entering the air inside the home you can be sure that the air you are breathing is healthier.

What to look for in New Green Homes

Some of the things you should ask the builder right off the bat is, what are you doing to ensure a healthy and clean living environment? Also, what measures and steps are they taking to maximize the efficiency of everything inside the home, from the energy to the water.

Every home comes with a monthly recur
ring cost (your utility bills) and some homes will have much lower bills than others. When you’re shopping for a mortgage you want the best interest rate so your monthly costs will stay low, you should be sure to do the same with your builder by asking about their building techniques!

Appliances, Air Filtration, Heating and Cooling should all be areas addressed by your builder to ensure that 1. The home is safe, clean and healthy and 2. Efficient.

An efficient home is going to save you thousands of dollars over the course of several years.

What about Solar Power?

We reached out to our friend Bill Gassett for some advice on what type of value Solar Panels will add to the home, if any:

Whether or not adding solar power will increase your home value depends on quite a few factors including the following:

* Where the property is located. 
* In what location the solar panels are installed.
* The type of property you own.
* What is the starting value of the home? (Higher-priced homes tend to receive more value).
* How much energy will you be saving?
* Are the solar panels leased or owned?

Let's quickly address each one of these points. Depending on where the home is located can have a significant bearing on the return. Some locations will have a much better return than others due to the amount of sunlight as well as the energy consciousness of those in the area.

The location of where the solar panels are located is vital. For example, if the panels are located in the front of your home, the odds of a great return on investment go down significantly. Solar panels are ugly to many home buyers. If you live in a beautiful home do you really want to be looking at such a distraction? Many buyers say NO!

If you are adding solar power to your home do it for the energy savings, not for an instant increase in market value. This is what the solar companies want you to believe but it is not reality at this point.

Final Thoughts on the Green Homes Being Built

Not every new construction home builder is going green. Make sure you do your homework on these construction companies to ensure that when you buy a new home, it has a great efficiency rating.

A lot of the builders in the Raleigh, NC area, a popular place for new construction homes, are focused on building green homes. One of the first things these builders explain to my clients is the benefits of a green home, and the added values green homes provide.

From the air quality, to the appliances, to the quality of materials used, ensuring you’re buying a green home is important. Some builders may skip over, and if they do, you shouldn’t hesitate to skip over them!



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