8 Things to Know BEFORE Moving to Rolesville, NC

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Living in Rolesville, NC

Moving to Rolesville? Here is what it is like living in Rolesville, North Carolina!

Are you considering a move to Rolesville, North Carolina? If you are looking for a home near the Raleigh area, Rolesville should be at the top of your list. Tucked away in northeastern Wake County, Rolesville is a suburb of Raleigh. Not only is the town the second oldest in Wake County, but it is considered one of the fastest-growing small towns in the state of North Carolina. With a population of 7,500 people, Rolesville has seen an upward trend of growth over the past few years since 2013. Named as one of the “2019 Best Places” to live near the greater Research Triangle area, Rolesville provides residents with a small town and suburban feeling of living.

Moving to Rolesville, NC - what is it like living in rolesville, North Carolina?

Offering affordable homes and a family-friendly environment, this small town is perfect for raising a family or for young professionals starting their own businesses. If you are wanting to experience all of the amenities that Raleigh can offer by living just inside of the city limits, Rolesville may be just the place for you. To help decide if you should move to Rolesville, this moving guide was created. Read on to learn more about the 8 Things to Know BEFORE Moving to Rolesville, North Carolina! 

History of Rolesville

Incorporated in the year 1837 by the North Carolina Legislature, Rolesville will be celebrating its 185th anniversary in 2022. What once began as a small rural farming community has since turned into a prosperous town of business and family living. Named after local landowner and merchant William H. Roles, the town is rooted in a history of agriculture, tobacco, and cotton farming. With three properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Heartsfield-Perry Farm, the Green-Heartsfield House, and the Dr. Lawrence Branch Young House, provides residents with an inside look into Rolesville’s unique history. Celebrated for its small-town charm and progressive attitude, Rolesville is remembered for its deep American Civil War history and influence.

What You Need to Know About Rolesville, NC

1. Rolesville is in the perfect location.

Named the “7th Best Boom Town in the United States,” for its up-and-coming community, part of what makes living in Rolesville so great is its prime location. Positioned perfectly in the Research Triangle area and right next to the capital city of Raleigh, Rolesville is the hidden gem of Wake County. With a postal zip code of 27571, the town is only a 15-minute drive to downtown Raleigh, where residents can enjoy easy access to leaders in business, fun events, and popular amenities. Close to Interstate 540 and Interstate 440, travel two hours to Wilmington, three hours to The Outer Banks, or four hours to Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Only a half an hour away from the Raleigh-Durham International Airport and Research Triangle Park, living in Rolesville means having the best of Raleigh at your fingertips.

Raleigh, NC to Rolesville, NC is a short drive making Rolesville a great location!

2. Safety is important.

Is safety a top priority for you and your family? Ranked as the “6th Safest City in North Carolina,” Rolesville is the definition of safe. With a fast responding police force, be able to take your dog on a walk or bring your kids to the park without looking over your shoulder. In fact, living in Rolesville means that you will have a 1 out of 78 chance of becoming a victim of crime. With crime rates 48% lower than the national average and violent crime rates 53% lower than the national average, it is no surprise that Rolesville is considered safer than 60% of other cities in the United States. Plus, crime in Rolesville has even decreased by 5% over the past few years. Graded a solid A when it comes to safety, Rolesville takes the well-being and protection of its residents very seriously.

3. Great quality of life

Rolesville is more than just a place to live. Growing more than 60% over the past few years, the area prides itself on its welcoming community and southern charm. With an average resident age of 35, Rolesville is younger than the state average. Providing residents with a superb quality of life, the town is taking action to create a community that families can flourish. With access to quality healthcare through WakeMed, UNC Healthcare, and Duke Health, Rolesville is working on creating a place where residents can work, shop, and celebrate without traveling far from home.

4. Affordable cost of living in Rolesville.

Compared to similar areas in North Carolina and in the United States, Rolesville is considered to have an affordable cost of living. With a cost of living that is 9% lower than the national average, living in Rolesville will mean more bang for your buck. Plus, housing prices are 30% lower and utility prices are 4% lower than the national average. If you are relocating to the area and are looking for a particular home style, then you are in the right place. Whether you are looking for brand new luxury homes or home sites surrounded by wooded areas and acres of land, be able to find a home for sale in Rolesville

North Carolina State Flag waving proudly in Rolesville, NC

5. Rolesville is well educated.

When moving to Rolesville you will find phenomenal schools for your children to attend. Part of the Wake County Public School System, which includes 191 schools and services over 162,000 students, this school district is highly rated. The largest public school district in North Carolina, the Wake County Public School System provides Rolesville with some of the best public schools in the county. Recognized for having one of the top K-12 programs in the country, Rolesville Charter Academy, Thales Academy, Rolesville Elementary School, Rolesville Middle School, and Rolesville High School are great options for your kids. For those seeking higher education opportunities, North Carolina State University, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are close by. The Wake Technical Community College Northern Campus is only ten minutes away.

6. Have an outdoor adventure.

Rolesville is prized for its beautiful parks, greenway trails, and hidden treasures. Known for being an active community, spend time outdoors and breathe in the fresh air at one of the local greenspaces. Main Street Park located in the heart of Downtown Rolesville is a popular hometown park with three play areas, rentable shelters, open fields, and miles of greenway trails perfect for running or riding your bike. For more of a hiking experience, check out the Mill Bridge Nature Park. This beautiful park is surrounded by flowing streams, a small waterfall, and trails that connect to Wake Forest Parks and Recreation greenways. There is even a 200-seat amphitheater that hosts a concert series in the spring. If you want a little bit more of an adventure, head to Fantasy Lake Scuba Park. Known as the largest scuba diving park on the east coast, learn to scuba in water that reaches depths of 80 feet. With campsites and glass-bottom boats, this scenic area is more than just an ordinary park.

7. Celebrate community.

Annual events and community celebrations are what bring the small town of Rolesville together. Join other residents and partake in events that are unique to the area. Perfect for your family and friends, Rolesville knows how to have fun. Make sure to check out some of these annual local favorite events and celebrations: 

  • Rolesville Family Movie Series: Head to Rolesville Middle School and enjoy movies under the stars that are shown on an outdoor big screen from August to October. Admission is free. 
  • BBQ and Bands Festival: Featuring BBQ, local vendors, entertainment, and live music in September. 
  • Rolesville Fall Funfest: Taking place in late October, this is the perfect way to start holiday shopping early. Featuring food, live music, costume contests, and vendors selling anything from candles to skincare products.

Welcome to Rolesville, North Carolina!

8. Experience the local cuisine.

Family-owned eateries and neighborhood restaurants are part of what gives Rolesville its charm. Serving up some of the finest food in the Raleigh area find barbeque, fried chicken, and classic southern North Carolina favorites alongside a quaint atmosphere. Check out these local favorite restaurants in Rolesville: 

  • Off the Hook Seafood Restaurant: This hometown atmosphere is the best place to get your fix of fresh-caught seafood, oysters, and shrimp. 
  • Rolesville Diner: Serving up huge portions at fantastic prices. Order pancakes, omelets, and popular diner food. 
  • Rosalini’s Pizza and Subs: Dine on an authentic Italian pizza, pasta, calzones, and sub sandwiches baked in the oven.

Moving to Rolesville, NC - The Bottom Line

With plenty of large homes and picturesque properties, it is no wonder that young families and professionals are deciding to call Rolesville home. Where the old blends with the new, the town of Rolesville is the place to be. Only minutes from downtown Raleigh, there is a lot to explore and experience. If you are wanting to move to Rolesville then what are you waiting for? Contact our Realty Specialists today to help you make your dream home become a reality!

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