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Raleigh Real Estate May 2016 Statistics

Raleigh Real Estate Market - May, 2016

Homes in Raleigh during the month of May 2016 sold for nearly 4.9% more than they did last year. This is a great sign of appreciation as the real estate market heats up in the summer months. People selling homes in Raleigh have had a much easier time in May 2016 than they did last year. The data shows that those who sold their home in May made on average, 4.5% more than those who sold last year. It's a terrific time to sell.

There was about 130 more homes active in May 2016 than in April 2016, and they were able to sell about 125 more. What's good about the month of May is that there was a 4.5% appreciation. 

Over the last few weeks we have received numerous leads of people that are looking to

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Raleigh Real Estate January 2016 Monthly Statistics

Raleigh Real Estate January 2016 Statistics Infographic

Raleigh Real Estate Market - January, 2016

January 2016 ended up a bit slower, and less efficient for people selling their home in Raleigh, NC than other months. Which is surprising since the data from the previous years had showed January as a great time to sell.

The biggest surprise was the lack of homes for sale on the market, and yet still the numbers were slightly down from December. The good news is that appreciation remains steady from January 2015 to January 2016 with a 4% appreciation.

Over the last few weeks we have received a number of requests from people wanting to see homes, so our guess is that as the weather begins to heat up, so will the local real estate market.

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 Housing Trends in Raleigh, NC December 2015

Homes that Sold in Raleigh, NC December 2015

Raleigh Real Estate Market - December, 2015

December 2015 was a great time to sell your home in the Raleigh, NC area as homes sold for north of $275,000.

November was the hottest month of 2015, and for good reason. There was a lack of inventory, and demand was high. A great combination for selling a house.

What is shocking is how many people want to start looking at houses on January 2nd. The serious buyers just hit the market, and with a full head of steam, and New Year's Resolutions. That is why January is the best month to sell in Raleigh, NC!

The data from the end of 2015 is shaping up towards a great start for the Raleigh housing market in 2016. Our personal data is showing

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Homes for Sale Raleigh NC November 2015 Stats

Raleigh NC Real Estate November 2015 Market Trends

Raleigh Real Estate Market - November, 2015

Wow. November just beat out August and June for the highest average sales price on homes that sold in Raleigh, NC!

This data is shocking, especially compared to the data from previous months. November 2014 compared to November 2015 is showing a significant percentage of appreciation in both selling price and sold price. Up 10+% in both categories from November 2014 the Raleigh Real Estate market is heating up in the colder months. When compare to previous months the appreciation percentage has more than doubled!

The housing trends in Raleigh, NC could be partially do to the winter months up North driving even more people south before the

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Homes for Sale Raleigh NC Trends and Stats!

Raleigh NC Real Estate October 2015

Raleigh Real Estate Market - October, 2015

Homes for sale in Raleigh, NC kept relative to the month of September, there are some differences though. For one, the month of October 2015 compared to 2014 experienced a 1% greater (5.5%) home sale appreciation than in September (4.5%). One of the more interesting facts is that the homes are a higher list to sales price percentage. Prices are closer to firm here in October 2015 than they were in October 2014.

This is when the holiday push begins. Here in November people are experiencing emotions and feelings that they want to be in a home before the end of the year, and most want it before the holidays. Whether that's Thanksgiving or Christmas a

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Raleigh Realty September 2015 Real Estate Market Report

Raleigh Housing Market - September, 2015

Raleigh residential homes sold just as fast and for $20,000 less on average than they did in the month of August. This is a considerable drop in price, especially as the number of homes for sale begins to decrease. Part of the reason September brings a fast sale price, as well as a drop in average sales price is schools. Once schools start people need a place, and those who haven’t sold feel the pressure of ‘missing’ the market.

This is an emotion sellers should NOT give in to. In fact a lot of the logic sellers repeat back to me is “the best time to sell a home is in the spring,” far from accurate! The best time to sell a home in Raleigh is during the Winter! So while every Real Estate Article you

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Raleigh Real Estate August 2015

Raleigh Real Estate August 2015 Market Updates and Housing Trends 

Housing Trends in Raleigh, North Carolina 

Residential Homes for Sale in Raleigh, during the month of August, reached the year's high marks from back in June. Here you can view all of the Wake County Real Estate Listings.

The Raleigh Real Estate Market jumped up almost $10,000 in August when compared to the average sale price from the month of July. In our post in July we hinted that the housing market was catching it's breath, even though there was a pull back in the average sale price of homes, and the reason behind it was the 42 days on market. Even though homes were selling for less in July, they showed a market that was still a strong sellers market. Additionally, mortgage rates dropped to 90 day

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