Slide the City Comes to Raleigh, NC!

Posted by Ryan Fitzgerald on Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 at 1:49pm.

Slide the City on Glenwood Ave. in Raleigh!

Are you Ready for A Huge Water Slide Event in Downtown, Raleigh!?

The Slide the City event, is making it's debut on May 30th when a 1,000 foot slip and slide will cover some major downtown Raleigh real estate, as it travels down Glenwood Ave South from Tucker to Lane St. 

Want to register for the event in Raleigh? You can gain early bird access here.

If you're going to the event, make sure you join the conversation on Facebook where thousands of people are talking about it!

Slide the City Downtown Raleigh on Glenwood Ave

Is the Slide the City Event in Raleigh Cancelled? - No, IT'S ON!!

The event was originally to be cancelled and it was not because of safety. The slide is padded and offers great safety for those who ride on it, with padding on all sides and two or three separate lanes for sliders to travel down. The reason the slide was to be cancelled originally was because of water conservation. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services qualified the Slide the City event in Raleigh as a public pool and thus the slide would need to meet public pool regulations and protocol.

Since the slip and slide was considered a swimming pool by state regulations it led to the initial North Carolina events being cancelled. However, since February, Slide the City has been working with North Carolina Department of Health and Human services and has developed a strategy to create a continuous flow of water, and that the 12,000-16,000 gallons of water that will be used on May 30th by the slide recirculated back into the community through parks, golf courses, and reclamation centers. This allowed permits to be passed allowing the event to take place!

For a comparison, the average golf courses uses over 300,000 gallons of water in a single day. The average pool loses 20,000 gallons of water per year due to evaporation. Statistics were gathered from the Slide the City website.


Slide the City in Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina

Posted by Raleigh Realty on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The event is thanks in large part to Shop Local Raleigh who is teaming up with Slide the City as a sponsor for the event in Raleigh.

Throw on your bathing suit, grab your friends, bring your GoPro and....

"Get Ready For The Slide Of Your Life"

Slide the City Raleigh, NC

Event Day Information Courtesy of Slide the City:

What to expect on your big day:
Bikes, bussing, public transportation, and carpooling are encouraged. If you must bring your car, be prepared to walk a short distance from the event. We can't have cars near the Slide now can we?

Before you jump on the Slide, head to the registration tent to check-in and pick up your goodies.  Based on what you registered for, you will receive a wristband which gives you access to ride the Slide. Hang onto your wristband or you won't be able to ride!  For maximum speed and safety all sliders must have an inflatable tube to ride.  Remember to grab your friends, your swimsuit, and your signed waiver and you'll be ready to Slide the City.

You're more than welcome to line up ahead of time but the water doesn't start to flow until the specified start time. We accept the last slider in line 30 minutes before the Slide closes. The earlier you come, the more you'll be able to Slide the City.

If there is a little rain it only means there will be more water on the Slide and less people cranky about getting squirted with your new water gun. And besides, who wouldn’t want to dance in the rain, slide in the rain, and bring someone to kiss in the rain.

Raleigh, NC Slide The City Event

Slide the City Raleigh, NC - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age or height limit?

All who are over 46 inches tall and over 5 years old are invited to slide, but remember if you’re under 18 you’ll need to get a sign off from your legal guardians.

How long is the slide?


This one of a kind slip n' slide is 1000ft long (300m). That's three football fields!


Can I use my GoPro or Selfie Stick on the Slide?


Yes! Bring them along and get some awesome footage and insta worthy photos!


What time does it start?

Sliding starts at noon and goes until 5pm. If you are a VIP you can slide from 11am to 12pm and from 5pm to 6pm with just the exclusive types.

Where can I put my belongings?


Leave valuables at home and lock any other belongings in the car. Slide the City is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 


Can I bring my pet?


For health and safety reasons, we cannot allow pets on the slide.


What do you do to address water conservation?


Water conservation is also a priority at our events. We strive to have zero environmental impact on the community. The Slide was designed to have zero water loss, and it treats and recycles the water safely and efficiently throughout the day. When permitted, we donate the water back to the community. Methods of disposal include local reclamation centers, parks, golf courses and other places dependent upon local regulations.


What is Early Bird Registration?


Early Bird Registration opens a few months before the event. If you are signed up for the newsletter you will receive an announcement email one week before this Early Bird Special is available so can be the first to sign up. 

To sign up for the newsletter go to the event page for your city. 


Where do I pick up my wristband?

You can pick up your tickets/wristbands at the registration tent when you arrive on event day.  You will have the ability to upgrade your wristband at the event as long as the option isn’t sold out. 


Huge Water Slide in Raleigh, NC

Downtown Raleigh, Slide the City Event Important Links:

Sponsor: Shop Local Raleigh - Shop Local Raleigh is all about promoting & supporting locally-owned, independent businesses. It’s about making your hard-earned money go further, fueling the local economy, & helping to preserve the unique character of Raleigh.

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