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Lead Coordinator

Contractor’s Services to be Performed: 

  • Complete tasks without specific instructions or assigned methodology.

  • Qualify the incoming leads by responding instantaneously and definitely within five (5) minutes of the lead coming in. These are warm leads asking for help.

  • Qualified means:

    • Ready to buy in the next three (3) months;

    • Strong motivation; and

    • They are preapproved or are paying with cash.

If they have not spoken to a lender, try to connect them to the mortgage lender prior to the buyer consultation appointment. If unwilling, still connect them to the appropriate Realtor if they match the first two. If they meet all the criteria, they are ready for a buyer consultation appointment with the appropriate Realtor, and the appointment should be set on the call.

  • Organize all lead information in Followupboss and separate the lead into the appropriate stage and category while inputting appropriate data in Followupboss.

  • Complete all daily tasks inside Followupboss.

  • Utilize Followupboss and the website backend to generate talking points for leads that may have not been touched in a while.

  • Manage Realtors (Sales staff) to ensure they are meeting their objectives.

  • Spend fifteen to twenty minutes with each Realtor once per week for a one on one meeting.

  • Maintain sales database and pipeline in Followupboss.

  • Maintain accurate numbers.

  • Responsible for bringing the key numbers from Followupboss to weekly team meetings.

  • Create Saved Searches in Backend.

Outbound Expectations (Weekly Format vs. Daily):

  • Follow up with leads instantaneously.

  • Make five hundred (500) outbound attempts per week using forty (40) calls, forty (40) texts, twenty (20) emails as a guideline (emphasis on the calls since it’s the highest quality) = one hundred (100) per day.

  • Set twenty (20) qualified buyer appointments per week = four (4) per day.

  • Have seventy-five (75) phone conversations per week = fifteen (15) per day.

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