Living in the neighborhood of Heritage brings you to Wake Forest, North Carolina. Located near the state’s capital, Raleigh, this community was developed to provide its homeowners a village atmosphere. The side walked streets and rural environment places residents amid every desired amenity. Life in Heritage was planned. You will see kids playing, mothers and fathers running daily errands and a host of other activity that goes along with daily life.

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Life in Heritage

The master plan was designed to provide a natural setting for its residents to live. Based on the four and a half star rated golf course, the homeowners have plenty of greenery to play. Its manicured sidewalks tell the story of neighborhoods of the past, but living here comes at a cost. 

Real Estate Market

The real estate market is busy because of the growth of this community. Since 2010, Wake Forest has grown from just over 26,000 to more than 38,000 and Heritage is the desired location for most of those seeking to live here. 

The market is busy with new homes being built, older homes being sold and townhouses being sought after. It has a few apartments available to anyone other than college students, but they can be found if you search hard enough. But Heritage is a community of custom built homes. 

Home Prices

Home prices in this planned community average $357,000 based on the latest statistics, while the selling prices have a median of around $315,000. However, townhouses in this neighborhood can be found for around $250,000. This well above the national average, but then again, you pay for the quality of living. 

Life in Heritage

As mentioned earlier life in Heritage places you in a village-type setting with a 21st-century upgrade. Every possible need is found close by and entertainment is never an issue. Biking trails, fishing ponds, golf courses and a host of other outdoor activities. The local sports club offers members and family a place to play tennis, swim in the pool and a small water park type amenity. 

The commute is a little longer for some residents, but that is not a major sacrifice for what the community offers. The violent crime rate is well below the national average. And when we say way below, we mean it. Property crimes are below the average also, but it is much higher than the violent crime rate. 

Everything is accessible for the residents here. Medical care, specialty shops, restaurants, schools, personal services and a host of other businesses that can provide some residents with employment. Many other major chain stores and urgent care facilities are within 15 minutes of this community. The convenience is well above other communities of this type around the United States. 

The median age for this neighborhood is only 35 years and 72 percent of the residents are white, 16 percent black and the rest a combination of other ethnic groups, but it does not really matter to the residents here what ethnic group you belong. It is a community. 


Every family looking at homes for sale are interested in the schools. Heritage is no different. The schools here are rated well above others in the state and since the community is growing at a rapid pace, is always improving and making room for others. The county has five different educational childcare options, eight different elementary schools, six middle schools, and six high schools. All rated high for the excellent education. 

There are several daycare facilities and preschools available for the youngest of residents. More of these are being built every year because families are flocking to this community. The quality of life is what is desired by most families in America and this community provides the best of it. 

Cost of Living

This may be a little hard to swallow, but the cost of living in Heritage is above the national average. These costs above the national average in almost every category measured. But, the median income is $77,000 and growing. More professionals live here that most parts of Wake Forest. 

The unemployment rate in this part of North Carolina is 3.60 percent, with a job growth average of 3.49 percent. Employment is expected to grow a whopping 43.38 percent in the future this is due to an increase in population and also the improvement in the cost of living.

Taxes levied on residents is about average. Higher than some, but lower than others, with an income tax rate of 5.75 percent and sales tax of 6.75 percent, it is a little higher to live here than in other states that do not have these taxes. 

If you are planning on retiring, this may not be the best place for you since the majority of people living here are usually young and vibrant individuals. However, it will be the average place. If you enjoy spending your retirement around a lot of children, then this is the place. People in Heritage seem to enjoy each other and maintain a neighborly attitude toward each other. 


Like many newer communities, Heritage had upgraded equipment and the latest infrastructure installed during the construction phase of this development. Everything from the basics to the most modern of utilities available. If you want a smart house, that is available, but if you just want the basics, then you will not be disappointed with the quality of service for either desire. 

You will not find a much better place to live than this if you enjoy neighborhood living. The streets are clean, the community is safe, the schools are excellent, the entertainment is vast and happiness abound in this village community. 

There is hope here. Hope for a better future and hope for children to begin playing outside more than staying inside confined behind a television screen or video game. The outdoors is open to all and when it comes to the community it is found here. The sports activities are vast, the food is grand and the family atmosphere is everywhere to be found. It almost sounds like an unbelievable place, but they do exist. A little research will bring you to this conclusion when looking at homes for sale in Heritage, Wake Forest, North Carolina.