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Raleigh has so many great communities to choose from and it's a great problem to have. When we show clients all of the wonderful neighborhoods they can move to, six forks is always one that people fall in love with. It's a neighborhood filled with charming homes, great people, and an awesome atmosphere. One of the popular things about Six Forks is that it's located a few minutes from Downtown Raleigh! Check out Raleigh homes for sale in Six Forks below:

Six Forks Homes for Sale

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Raleigh Real Estate - Six Forks Neighborhood Info.

Six Forks Rd Raleigh NC Map

Located in North Raleigh, Six Forks is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Raleigh, with a median home price of just under $500,000. It's also one of the best neighborhoods in Raleigh! The homes are typically built between 1970 and 1990 and offer a range of three to five bedroom homes.

Six Forks rd runs north-south from east downtown Raleigh through to the top of north Raleigh, as seen in the image to the right.

Six Forks Neighborhood Info.

The six forks neighborhood is one of the wealthiest in Raleigh and in the United States (wealthier than 99.2% of people in the U.S.). The large amount of wealth in this concentrated area has increased the median home values over the years significantly. As one of the premier neighborhoods in Raleigh, Six Forks offers residents a variety of local amenities and events. If you're interested in viewing real estate in Six Forks let us know!

The North Hills mall has a second floor that opens to Six Forks Rd, making it a convenient place to shop, attend the live music events, and find great dining options!

New Construction Six Forks Raleigh

Six Forks Rd Raleigh NC Shopping PlazaThere is a large emphasis being placed on the Six Forks area, and a lot of new construction homes and communities are being built. The north Raleigh area is one of the most popular in the city, and six forks is a big reason for the growth it's experiencing.

Six Forks road runs from east downtown all the way towards the northern part of Raleigh and becomes New Light rd. There are many Raleigh homes for sale in the six forks neighborhood. As well as many builders focused on this area as a great location to build specifically because the road offers such convenient access to most of what Raleigh has to offer.

Luxury Homes Six Forks Neighborhood

The high end homes for sale in Raleigh can be found in the six forks neighborhood. These homes are defined as anything over $650,000. The top of the line real estate is always located in the highly desirable areas of Raleigh, which includes the six forks community. Luxury Raleigh homes for sale in the Six Forks neighborhood are highly desirable.

Many of the folks we work with who are buying and selling real estate in the Raleigh area look at six forks as a desirable area to live thanks to it's schools, property values, and local amenities. The easy access to downtown Raleigh, or the access to northern parts, with great local amenities makes the location so desirable.

Six Forks Raleigh Real Estate Agent

Six Forks Raleigh NC Homes, Hotels, and ShoppingIf you're searching for a great Real Estate Agent in Raleigh that can help you with the six forks neighborhood let us know. We are happy to help you find the home you're searching for, whether it's in the six forks neighborhood or anywhere in north Raleigh.

Real estate is a commodity that anyone can buy and sell. We specialize in Raleigh homes for sale in the Six Forks neighborhood. That's why it's important you ensure you're working with an educated Realtor who knows the neighborhood, the numbers, and can help you save thousands of dollars during your real estate purchase.

One of the biggest reasons I became a Realtor is because I felt most Agents didn't provide the appropriate value for their high costs. Slowly, Agents are catching on to the value you must provide in order to keep repeat business coming in, as well as referrals. From this website alone, consumers can tell that I provide value through the articles in my blog, the information on this page, the speed at which my site runs, and more.

More Six Forks Information

Six Forks Community and Neighborhood informationAmong the best neighborhoods for families in North Carolina is Six Forks. Neighborhood Scout has Six Forks ranked better than 99.6% of the neighborhoods in North Carolina. This is in large part thanks to the top public schools, the low crime rates, and the high occupancy rates.

A lot of clients who relocate to Raleigh based on a job transfer ask for great neighborhoods to check out, and six forks is one of them. Raleigh homes for sale have been experiencing great appreciation and this is true in the six forks neighborhood as well. Especially if someone wants an easy commute to an office located east of Raleigh, as well as a home in one of the premier Raleigh areas.

Six forks is one of our favorite neighborhoods at Raleigh Realty and we love showing homes there. 

One unique fact about Six Forks neighborhood is that it has more British and Welsh ancestry than any other neighborhood in America with almost 2% of residents having their ancestry there. How cool is that?

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