6 Things to Know BEFORE Moving to Sanford, NC

Posted by Ryan Fitzgerald on Monday, May 10th, 2021 at 9:48am.

Living in Sanford, North Carolina 

Moving to Sanford, NC? Here is what you need to know about Sanford!

The cute and walkable little town of Sanford is found in Lee County, North Carolina, and has a current population of 28,000 people. An enjoyable place to live, Sanford is known for its industrial center since it is the largest producer of brick and pottery products in the United States. Only a forty-minute drive to Raleigh, a two-hour drive to Charlotte and the North Carolina beaches, and a three-hour drive to Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains, Sanford is in a central location to nearby large city centers and business hubs. Relaxing and quiet, Sanford is surrounded by tree-lined streets and parks. If you are looking to move to Sanford, North Carolina then this moving guide is just what you need. To make sure that Sanford is the best place for you and your family, learn all of the pros and cons of moving to the area. With that being said, read on to learn more about the 6 Things to Know BEFORE Moving to Sanford, North Carolina!

Moving to Sanford North Carolina - What is it like living in Sanford NC?

1. Sanford is a great place to raise a family.

If you have kids or are wanting to start a family, then you should consider moving to Sanford. Young families who are looking for a place to settle down choose Sanford for its down-home neighborhood feeling. Full of friendly faces and peaceful suburban neighborhoods, the atmosphere is among one of the most desirable properties of the city. Plus, the median age of residents is 35 so young parents will have plenty of opportunities to meet friends who are the same age. 

Not only will parents love living in Sanford, but your kids will love it too. Praised for its great school system, there are many public and private schools that your children will have access to. A top priority, education is taken seriously in Sanford. Before buying a home, choose a neighborhood that feeds into the schools that you would want your kids to attend. For those seeking higher educational opportunities, Central Carolina Community College is nearby. 

Since Sanford is such a kid-friendly area, there are plenty of activities and after-school programs that your children can take part in. While many schools offer clubs and sports, the city itself is another great way for them to get involved. The Lee County YMCA provides camps and summer activities, Brick City Martial Arts offers children’s clinics, and The Dancer’s Workshop teaches kids creative expression through dance classes. Once you have moved, check with the city of Sanford and get your kids involved!

2. Retirees will like living in Sanford too.

Ranked as one of the top communities to retire in the United States, if you are in or approaching retirement then Sanford may be the place for you. Only thirty minutes from Pinehurst which is home to some of the best golf courses in the country, Sanford offers residents an assortment of activities including golf, tennis, swimming, and a variety of fine dining options. Have your choice of relaxing planned retirement community or beautiful single-family home, and spend your retirement exploring and adventuring your new city of Sanford. Retired military veterans love it here too. A forty-five-minute drive away from Fort Bragg and Fayetteville, many veterans and military families call Sanford home. 

3. Housing is affordable.

If Sanford could be described as one thing, it would be affordable. With a cost of living that is 14% lower than the national average, living in Sanford means more bang for your buck. Not only is Sanford affordable but with North Carolina’s low property taxes in the state, the town continues to see some of the best property tax rates since 2015. With tons of available housing that will not break your bank account, the prices in Sanford can simply not be beaten. Have your choice of new construction single-family homes, apartments, or townhomes for an amazing price. When buying or selling a home, it is important to first consider which property type will meet your needs. When moving to Sanford, consider all of your options and choose a home that is best for you and your family.

4. The job market is expanding.

Situated where the sand from the coast meets the Piedmont clay, Sanford is in the ideal location for producing clay bricks. Nicknamed the “Brick Capital of the United States,” Sanford produces a large number of bricks and pottery for the country. This large-scale brick production and manufacturing is spearheaded by huge companies including General Shale and Lee Brick and Tile. While brick may be the most popular industry in the city, the textile and biotech industries are becoming prominent in the area. Pfizer, the creator of the Covid 19 vaccine, is among the largest and top employers in Sanford. Caterpillar, 3M, Central Carolina Hospital, and Pentair are just some of the many companies that are stationed here. Plus, since Sanford is in such a perfect location, traveling to Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, and other nearby cities is a short and quick commute. If you find a job outside of Sanford, be able to travel back and forth with ease while still enjoying the small family atmosphere that the city provides.

5. There is always something to do outdoors.

The residents love staying busy and living an active lifestyle. Surrounded by beautiful landscaping, spend the day outdoors and breathing in the fresh air by exploring one of the many hiking or biking trails, fishing at a lake, or setting up a tent at a local campground. Check out some of these most popular parks and outdoor activities in Sanford!

  • San-Lee Park: Great for hiking, boating, and fishing, San-Lee has a lake and a playground for kids. Rent a paddleboat seasonally or have a picnic with the family. 
  • Ole Gilliam Mill Park: This is a great spot to walk around and take pictures. Not only is this old mill free to admire, but there are beautiful trails for walking featuring a covered bridge. 
  • Tobacco Road Golf Club: Once a former sand quarry, this golf club is a great course with a beautiful layout. Only 20 miles from the Pinehurst Resort, this golf course is consistently ranked as a top public golf course. 
  • Carolina Trace Country Club: Featuring a brand new 300,000 square foot clubhouse, this golf, and country club has two 18 hole golf courses with a view of Lake Trace. When you are not playing golf, enjoy playing tennis, swimming, and indulging in fine dining options.

6. Sanford is historical.

Named after a railroad engineer who played a major role in designing and developing the railroad that runs through the area, C.O. Sanford laid the foundation for forming this beloved city. Responsible for playing a big part in both the American Revolution and Civil War, Sanford has since grown into a flourishing town with a rich history. For any history lovers who would rather spend their day indoors, check out some of these historical landmarks and museums that celebrate and remember the history of Sanford every day! 

  • Railroad House Historical Society: Offering guided tours for visitors and a museum on local history, The Railroad House was built in 1872 and is the oldest house still standing in Sanford. Originally built as the first depot for the Raleigh and Augusta Railroad, the museum features historical artifacts. 
  • The Temple Theatre: This historic performance center was built in 1925 and puts on performances and musicals including Cabaret and renditions of Shakespeare. 
  • House-In-The-Horseshoe: This beautiful historic site is also referred to as the Alston House and was built around 1772. Home of Whig Colonel Philip Alston, a battle erupted at this house during the American Revolution in 1781. Take a tour of this home today.

Moving to Sanford, NC - The Bottom Line

Whether you are a first-time home buyer looking for a place to settle down, are retired, or are moving for work, Sanford should be at the top of your list when looking for a place to live. While the crime rate may be a slight bit higher than the national average, finding a neighborhood that your family will be comfortable in is the top priority of our team. Full of great job opportunities, affordable real estate, and many things to do, consider moving to Sanford. Contact our realty specialists today to help you find the perfect home!

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